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Large price increase for exams, for info

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Posted Yesterday, 13:25

Elemimele. You are very kind but no, I am no genius.  :) Actually I have been taught by some people who were . Back in the days when the training of teachers was based in Colleges of Education and we learnt about child development, methods of teaching and classroom management, among many other things relevant to the profession, I was fortunate enough to be at what was then Gipsy Hill College of Education. Some of our lecturers were brilliant teachers.

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Posted Yesterday, 14:52

I was fortunate enough to be at what was then Gipsy Hill College of Education.

Which became part of Kingston Polytechnic in the 1970s (I had a few students from the course on teaching practice in the early 1980s - one excellent student but he became a conductor rather than a teacher, and a couple of well-meaning students who didn't have the musical skills needed for the job (one too shy to ever sing to children and one who could hardly play the piano and could never accompany class singing). The department then became part of Kingston University and sadly went downhill, getting evermore embroiled in employment tribunal cases with its staff and eventually being closed a few years ago. Kingston closed down the music department and now offers only Music Technology, and you cannot specialise in Music as part of an education degree there. Sad, because Gipsy Hill did have an excellent reputation before things started sliding.

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Posted Yesterday, 23:38

Gipsy Hill was considered to be one of the best teacher training colleges and it was on my shortlist..


Like Aquarelle, we learned a LOT about child development and the psychology and sociology of education.


There was much talk of 'experience' and 'development' - but I don't remember the ghastly, currently-overused word 'learning'.


I heard tell the other day of an institution which trains teachers where one of the senior tutors has been heard to pronounce Piaget as Pee-ah-get (hard 'g').


Sorry, gone right off the original topic.



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