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Brexit - your vote and why?

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Posted Yesterday, 23:33

I don't claim to speak for anyone but myself when I state that economic forecasts and projected balance sheets (largely speculative or from computer models) do not figure much in my thinking. FWIW I didn't buy the £350 million bus slogan; R4's More or Less programme calculated a figure of £190 million but I stop counting when I run out of fingers and toes.
What has incensed me has been the UK's lack of agency- having to ask 'please may we do this/that?' all in the name of a withdrawal treaty. I suspect it is this state of being petitioners for favour that outrages many and is behind calls for a 'clean break'. All this has been said before, I know.

Reading about Ursula Van Der Leyen and how she was appointed opened my eyes to some of the issues in the EU not related to Brexit. I sometimes wonder whether the idea of Europe held by many in Britain is a little idealised. (I'm trying to be polite) After all, we currently 'enjoy' the utopia of EU membership and it doesn't feel that great.

The barely suppressed contempt of the Church Times, if not the CofE as a whole, for those supporting Leave has been surprising to me, incidentally. How on earth this issue has gained a moral dimension is beyond me, and their withering words do little to explain, other than concluding that Leavers were misled, were lied to, and were stupid enough to be convinced by the lies. I wrote and reminded them that they offered no guidance before the referendum so would they please please spare us the censure. I suppose virtue signalling is to be expected from such a publication, but I mention this only to point out that if such guardians of morality leave me unmoved (and not a little cynical) then they must be using the wrong words.
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