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Aaaaaaaaaggghh - The Scream Thread!

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Posted Today, 14:26

@ Barry, go for it! You'd be great.

@ Hildegard, I'm sure you're right. In fact for a moment, seeing the new ABRSM home page, I thought they had indeed closed the forum. But on the subject of securing ones own posts: I have absolutely no idea what ABRSM forum's policy is. At a forum where I once moderated, which folded (honestly, no connection between those two facts) there was a lot of ill-feeling at the end because the usage agreement actually made it clear that copyright on all posts belonged to the site, not to the individual who posted. I can't see it being a massive issue here, but there were a number of people in the other forum who wanted to amalgamate their posts into teaching-info, self-help-guides etc., and felt rather aggrieved. In the end, of course, because the entire organisation had folded, taking its forum with it, there was no one left to enforce any copyright issues. But as a volunteer moderator of a collapsing forum, I didn't feel much motivation to spend hours trying to sort out who owned what, and make sure people had copies of things they'd lost. It was all a bit sad. What I'd say is: now is a time for swapping of alternative contact details!

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Posted Today, 15:53

Just saying hello to Corenfa - we haven't forgotten you pet. Hang in there.

Yes as I mentioned I had an FB exchange with her last week, she was still waiting for approval of a new account !

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Posted Today, 16:48

I was a victim of the TES debacle. Some users set up a new forum which has worked really well, though it's quite a lot of work for them, and because TES closed so abruptly there was no way of letting people know that there was a new place for them to go to meet their old friends. Most people have now made their way there, by various routes, but a few haven't, which is really sad.
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Posted Today, 22:02



There seems to be no interest from ABRSM in this forum.
I rarely look at the ABRSM home page.  I've just done so and there's no link any more to this forum from the top of that page.  I did find a link to the forum - right at the bottom of the page below "Pension Scheme Implementation Statement."

It wouldn't surprise me if that is a precursor to removing the forum. Something similar happened to the Times Education Forum earlier this year - a forum for teachers of all subjects and much larger than this forum. The TES forum was supposedly "under maintenance" for several weeks and then it just disappeared, losing a wealth of knowledge in the mllions of messages that were just deleted. Several people tried to get access to the archive so they could secure their own posts but were told that all content had been erased on the 18th January this year.

Sadly, I agree : I don’t think the forum is much longer for this world.
I do own what is currently a blank Invision forum (the company that provides the software to run this place), which I’m happy to turn into a successor to here, but that will largely depend on me finding a music education company to hook it onto, in order to get more people to join and keep the place vibrant. Also you’d probably have to put up with me as a moderator, which might irritate a great many of you :lol:


I'll come along with you Barry if ever it comes to that. You would be a great moderator!


I am afraid I also suspect that we are being wound down. I sincerely hope it isn't the case. I have been thinking of that possibility ever since we all went into our first lock downs as there were a lot fewer posts - basically because we were all dealing - and are still dealing - with the huge  problems we were suddenly up against - which has been enormously time consuming for many members, I am sure.


This forum is one of the remaining positive things about the ABRSM. It is a friendly and helpful community and is particularly useful to those of us who live out in the sticks and have very few or no real life colleagues within reach. It is a place which I have found to be a mine of musical information. I have been helped in my teaching by people here who have passed on ideas. I like the fact that we can talk about other things besides music. We have good discussions and even when we don't agree with others, the level of tolerance and politeness is pretty high. Some of the poeple on here are very interesting personnalities as well as being caring teachers and intelligent musicians. It's the only reason why I think that if ever the ABRSM manages to reinstate face to face examinations with real live examiners ( we have been told there will be no exams in France this summer) and if ever the miracle of the ending of the G5 theory requirement were to happen, I wouldn't think about looking at another board.


I consider many of the people here to be my forum friends. I have only ever met one person  from the forum in real life but that person has become a  very much appreciated friend. I'm sure I'm not the only one who can say something like that.


I was horrified to hear what happened to the TES forum. What a nasty, high handed way to treat people. Perhaps we should all try to post as much as possible to try to keep this place alive. Maybe they don't intend to shut us down. Perhaps we are just feeling a bit nervous. Let's hope so. It's been a hard couple of years and we all need a bit of humanity, friendship  and support in everything from teaching to throwing out the clutter. I'm not doing very well on that score, Norway!

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