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Returning to piano playing - advice please!

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Posted 29 January 2020 - 17:39

Hi @helen_flute.  I don't come on here that often, so I've only just seen this thread.  I took a 56 year break after only achieving Grade 3 as a child.  Yet it all came back and better within 6 weeks.

6 months before I re-started I gave our family upright (a Knight K10 - bought new by my father when I was 5) to my daughter, so had to go and buy a digital piano - in the sort of price range you are talking about.  Within two months I was finding it frustrating - mainly because the pivot point for the keys was just behind the fallboard, so playing right up to the fallboard was almost impossible an I ended upgrading to a mid range Kawai (CA67).  Fortunately the shop I bought the original digitial piano from offered a good upgrade deal so I didn't loose much.


For a while I preferred my digital to the old knight (played when I went to visit my daughter), but my fingers were becoming a lot more sensitive, and in a visit a few months later I suddenly found I was preferring the acoustic to my digital.  So since then I've been longing for an acoustic.  A couple of weeks ago I placed and order for a baby grand, although I now have to wait until the end of March to take delivery.


I decided I needed a teacher at the outset, and originally planned for lessons every two weeks.  It soon came to a point were I realised I needed them weekly, and have had an hour ever since.  I have found this a great boost to my progress, I've learnt some great music, although the other thing I have discovered is that its really bad at sticking in my memory, so at the moment my daily exercise is to play Bach's Invention 13, as I worked quite hard to bring it back again after I realised I had forgotten it.

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Posted 30 January 2020 - 19:56

It's great to hear your experiences, which definitely mirror mine with getting back into playing my flute seriously...I very quickly went from having lessons for fun, to upgrading my flute,working seriously on technique with an excellent teacher and finding that my playing came on in leaps and bounds, to the extent that I sat my G8 last year and am now swithering about a diploma. Mind you, Vivaldi is currently making me doubt the sanity of that plan!


Piano, definitely not so much! I suspect if I had the time to put in to two instruments, it would be different, but I still find that I'm getting more and different things out of it than I did as a child. I'm a much better informed student than I was then, even though back then I was having lessons on both instruments and doing music theory too. It's really interesting playing both again, and if I had more spare time, I'd definitely have piano lessons too, but at the moment that's not an option.


And on that note, I must go an do ten minutes of piano before dinner!

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