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Jazz minor ii-V-i progressions

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Posted 27 January 2021 - 09:42

Thinking of jazz minor ii-V-I progressions composed as an etude simply to learn the keys and voicings. 
e.g. Dm7b5 - G7alt - CMm7.  A common conventional turnaround after the tonic minor chord could be to add biii7-bVI7 which leads nicely back to ii7b5.
After some time, i would like to ascend a key around the circle of fifths clockwise (most prefer anticlockwise).
I'm having a little difficulty finding a similar common conventional modulatory turnaround that would lead me up a key around the circle of fifths i.e. from CMm7 to modulate up to GMm7 (of course via Am7b5 - D7alt).
There's several options I've found, nothing absolute, and some say its a very uncommon progression to make, but what would be the first choice progression to take?

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