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Flying abroad with instrument - Alitalia

travelling flight alitalia violin guitar

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#1 chaia


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Posted 28 April 2016 - 07:33

Does anyone have any experience flying with Alitalia, taking an instrument as hand luggage?


Im flying from the UK to Sicily in June, for a work event, and me and some colleagues are playing in a show whilst there, we are hireing the larger pieces of kit, but myself and the guitarist were hoping to take our instruments as hand luggage. (if taking a guitar poses an issue we may end up hireing that as well)


I will be taking my old dart shaped case (it isnt a flight case but is a hard case and is pretty small)


My main concern is i dont want it to end up in the baggage hold, id like to keep it as hand luggage, according to their website they like you to check in an hour beforehand if you have an instrument? Anyone had issues with checking instruments in / bag searches etc?


Ive never flown with an instrument before!


Also can anyone recommend travel insurance for instruments? does it cover over a certain value? I only have a Gliga gems 2 and a £150 CF bow but its still important to me!

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#2 Tenor Viol

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Posted 28 April 2016 - 08:23

Two things: ask the airline what their policy is and if it's favourable, get it in writing and carry it with you.... Have a look at the web sites of the likes of Allianz and other instrument insurers - I suspect it's that you will need rather than travel insurance....
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#3 Misterioso



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Posted 28 April 2016 - 10:56

I don't have any experience with Alitalia, but have flown with my violin on a number of occasions, both on domestic flights and as far afield as Estonia. It's never been a problem, but as TV says, there may be differences with other airlines, so definitely worth checking on their policy.


Is your instrument not covered under your household contents insurance? 

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#4 Jo0425


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Posted 28 April 2016 - 12:57

I have two experiences - flying with a Mongolian horse head violin from St Petersburg via Copenhagen to London, and flying with my French horn (which is worth more than my piano) on Air China to Japan and back recently.
I was super nervous about travelling with the horn as I was paranoid that it would be somehow confiscated from me at check in and put in the hold.   I actually had nightmares about it bouncing down the luggage conveyors at baggage reclaim.  Someone told me that if it did get crushed, I would be refunded by the airline by its value in scrap metal. Obviously I got it fully insured first. 
Anyway I needn't have worried and I don't think you need to either - just approach check in with confidence and take it onto the plane with you.  My horn (fixed bell) didn't even fit into the overhead locker, the stewardesses found somewhere nearby my seat for it.  I remember a similar situation with the other instrument too.

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#5 cestrian


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Posted 28 April 2016 - 13:41

I travel (fly) quite a lot with my cello and travel cello. The cello has its own seat and luggage allowance but usually refuses the food (picky blighter) and gets the window seat. The travel cello goes into the overhead bin without any problem and I'm sure the same will be with a violin. No need to announce it or make a fuss. On those occasions where I've flown on a smaller plane with shallow bins it has been kindly taken by the flight crew into a special place for me to pick up at end of journey. The travel cello also provides much entertainment at the x-ray machine... Looks like a cross bow on steroids.

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#6 BandMan29



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Posted 17 May 2016 - 14:20

I have travelled many times with my Flute which fortunately I can take on as hand luggage, but even knowing this I would not rely on travel insurance for my precious instruments.


Specialist musical insurers such as Newmoon Insurance (my insurer) can cover you whilst you travel and on comparison with other insurers Newmoon are quite reasonable and offer v good customer service.


Have a great trip.

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