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#1340456 Thinking of packing it in

Posted by edgmusic on 01 September 2017 - 21:07

As I am on line
Apologies if you are not.
But are you trolling? It's against forum rules.
If you want to 'retire' do it. It's your decision. Go get a "low status role working for a big company". [/size]
How can we offer advice as you have the figures to make a living out of teaching or not!\[/size]
Stop wasting people's time.


A bit harsh, I feel. I saw nothing in the post to suggest trolling.

The poster is having doubts about continuing and looking for support and advice from others on the forum. That's what we are for. Many teachers on here have probably had similar feelings at some time over the years.

I found your blunt response very unhelpful and disappointing.
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#1369341 student discontinuing lessons

Posted by Dorcas on 14 September 2019 - 09:04


Adultpianist, I have sent texts, and they have not got through.  In fairness to your teacher, I think you need to assume they are telling they truth.  Ending lessons can be awkward for several reasons.  From the teacher's point of view, you are only one bad review online from going out of business.  I had a defamatory review a few years ago, and it seriously impacted on my income.   I had the review taken down, and hey presto, all slowly improved.  That review cost in me in the region of £20K.   Your teacher has no idea if you are going to turn nasty, are just moving on, or going to work with another teacher.  Being neutral is often the safest approach, as it can avoid serious fallout.  


You have decided to finish lessons.  Your teacher has accept this.  Time to move one.

why would I turn nasty.  That is not in my nature.   I have no reason to turn nasty.   I was taught some very good techniques which I put into practice and I am thankful for that.   I genuinely do not have the time to pursue lessons at the moment and that is the reason and that is what I told her.   If I have no time to pursue lessons why would I go on to another teacher because I would be in the same position (no time for lessons).   My job has become increasingly busy and if I try to fit in flute as well I would be running myself into the ground and would be mentally and physically ill.   I genuinely want to learn the flute but when I started , my job was less busy.    As I said I will continue to practice at home as and when I can to keep things ticking over.  Obviously I am not skilled enough to try new things but at least I can practice what I have been taught and improve on that for now


Your instrumental teacher has not spent that much time with you, and cannot be assured of your true personality.  I am not saying any of this to personally attack you, just trying to get you to see why your teacher reacted the way she did.


Your reasons for stopping are perfectly valid.  What I do think was unnecessary, was to imply your teacher lied when she said she did not receive the text.  When I send out texts asking my students to pay their fees, I accept it if they tell me the message did not get through.  To be frank, Adultpianist, you have come on here asking advice, followed it, it worked, and now you are criticising your teacher for not being effusive enough when you gave notice.  I am going to call you out on this, I think you are in fact being remarkably unkind, and your teacher was correct to be neutral.  You have decided to stop lessons, have given notice, and now prefer to believe your teacher is a liar who did not pay you enough compliments.  Stop whining.


edit: just come back to read this thread, have decided to put the boot in more often, folks on here seem to like it, crikey!! :ninja:

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#1273181 Was told that Grade 8 means nothing. Thoughts?

Posted by UnnaturalHarmonics on 10 November 2014 - 10:45

"If you are playing lots of concerts in your orchestras you must think about what you are putting your audience through"

:D That was my favourite bit. I expect I shall soon be hearing from the solicitors of anyone who has witnessed me and my horn in concert action.

My response would be along the lines of:

'I have considered your thoughtful post, agreed you are SPOT ON and have consequently been motivated and inspired to write to ALL the amateur orchestras in the UK requesting they either please desist at once (you're quite right, those poor audience members, forced to attend with no recourse to subsidised post-traumatic stress counselling afterwards), or hire exclusively professional musicians going forward. I feel sure that these measures will serve to raise the currently dire standards of music in the country as they will encourage participation, ensure thriving and diverse community opportunities and provide the means for members to develop personally while pursuing a hobby they can enjoy at the same time.

Oh, and I gave them your address as a reply-to. Hope that's ok. xxx'
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#1360264 What's Made You Happy Today.... ?

Posted by Aquarelle on 19 December 2018 - 20:26

Well, it was yesterday actually but I was too exhausted to post. We have now done the Christmas Celebration and it was - dare I say it - brilliant! I can't believe that we got through it without a single hitch. Even the angel Gabriel (see Random thread) finished his daily temper tantrum before the parish priest arrived! The children reading the script did so with lots of expression and passed the microphones from one to another without dropping them. The nursery class did their sheep act on all fours with the shepherds realistically chasing them back into  their fold. The half that were not sheep were little angels and they danced beautifully and the choir, who had to sing while the angels danced, actually watched me and not them. Gabriel, the Three Kings and their camels and the Guiding Star all made their entries in time to the music and in a dignified manner. Mary and Joseph and the innkeeper mimed their parts very clearly. The recorder players were careful with their D's and F sharps Best of all from my point of view was the singing which was enthusiastic, rhythmic and only rarely a little flat. They nearly brought tears to my eyes when we got to the last note of the last song. Every child in the choir was watching me and they held the note  steadily to the end. And then there was this big, communal smile! 


There are times when this teaching business gets one down - I have my irritable and despairing  days and sometimes think it isn't worth the bother. And then you get a day like yesterday and you think there couldn't be a nicer way to earn your living.

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